Kita Kids ❤ All you need for a perfect children's room ❤

❤ Kita Kids ❤ All you need for a perfect children's room
It's a pleasure to meet you :) We are Kita Kids, an online store specialized with designing your children's room easily with tons of high quality and unique products.
We wll want that our little ones will grow up in a beautiful room, a one which they will be happy to play in, make their homework and make a mess every single day.
Sometimes designing their room can be a real challenge, therefore we found a solution to ease on parents who care about interior design, aesthetic and their little ones living area but would like to speed this process a bit but never compromise style!
We design, manufacture and export our products with lots of love and many thinking regarding quality and how it will fit into children's room interior design so it will fit for years.
On Kita Kids store you'll find :
** Amazing Night Lamps ** Decorative Garlands ** High Quality Wall Stickers/Decals ** Play Mats ** Solid Hand-Made Shelves ** Awesome Posters ** And many many more products we are working on right now and will be published soon :)

Behind the Scenes

Yael Zemach - Product Designer

  Emily  Aichel - Architect